FAQ : The Your Questions About Elite Fx Signals Answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which currency pairs do you trade?

A: We trade all 7 major currency pairs, their crosses, Indices and Cryptocurrencies

Q: What are your trading hours?

We trade all the trading sessions but most trading opportunities come during London/USA trading sessions

Q:How many trades do you make per day?

On average we make 1-2 trades per day.

Q:How long your trades are open? Do you keep open positions overnight?

A:The vast majority of trades that we make last from few minutes to a couple of hours.
From time to time we might leave a part of a profitable position overnight. But only if the stop-loss order is at least at the
break even level.

Q: Which Forex broker can I use with your services?

A: You can use any broker of your choice. You need a broker supporting MetaTrader 4 software platform. We recommend FX Choice for our Students
and Customers. To join FXChoice through our Affiliate link, you can visit www.joinfxchoice.com

Q: Can a beginner use your services immediately or do I need some knowledge/training on Forex?

A: Anyone can use our signals immediately. No prior knowledge or training is required.

Q: When I subscribe do you provide any tutorials on how to enter a trade successfully?

A: Yes, when you subscribe you receive our introductory materials on trading signals, our philosophy, money management, strategies, entering
orders, etc. We also provide full email support and answer all questions.

Q: What are Forex signals?

A: Forex signals alert our subscribers to trading opportunities that we see in the market. Each signals contains exact Buy or Sell price, Stop-loss price, and Take Profit prices.

Q: When do you send Forex signals?

A: We send Forex signals anytime there is a trade opportunity , same with Cryptos and Indices

Q:How many signals do you send per day?

A:On average we send 1-2 Forex signals per day.

Q: What do I need to start using your Forex signals?

A: All you need is an online broker account where you can trade currency pairs, Cryptos and Indices

Q: Do you offer refund?
A: No! All purchase are final but you can cancel your subscription anytime if you are not satisfied. No Contract, No Obligation.